FAQ # 1 – Can anyone join?

No. The club exists to serve in Christian ministry among our mates within the ‘outlaw’ motorcycle fraternity. Therefore it’s vital that all those within membership not only share our strong Christian belief, but also see membership of the club as vocational – a calling if you like.

FAQ # 2 – How do you join?

Membership, is by invitation, and usually takes a minimum period of around 3 years, which includes periods as an associate of the club followed by a period of ‘prospecting’.

FAQ # 3 – Aren’t you being elitest?

No. The nature of our activity is built on trust and respect. Neither of those things come quickly, but they are easily lost. When someone wears God’s Squad colours they deserve to be wearing them and their calling has been recognised both by the club and respective supporting churches.

FAQ # 4 – What do other clubs think of you?

Ultimately, that is a question that you need to ask other clubs. However, it would be fair to say we have a growing relationship with the majority of clubs within the areas we exist. Out of these relationships we are happy to take up invites and opportunities to serve our mates by fulfilling various ‘priestly duties’ at their request.

FAQ # 5 – What do you ride?

Most of us ride either Harleys, British or big Jap chops.

FAQ # 6 – What do you think of other Christian clubs that are around?

We have a good relationship with many other Christian clubs. We strongly support the rich diversity that they all bring to different aspects of the motorcycling world. We do have a problem however with ‘colours’ being ‘handed out’ without the rightful respect shown to the sub-culture within which we operate, as some Christian clubs appear to do.

FAQ # 7 – Isn’t it hypocritical for a Christian club to wear colours?

We can only speak for this club and we don’t think we are being hypocritical. We are 100% committed to our faith and calling – and therefore our patch. Our Christian lifestyle is different to some aspects of 1% clubs, however there is common ground. We too do not like the way our world is, we too live by a different code, we too would die for our faith. But, ultimately our commitment to our club and patch, is symbolic of our commitment to our God. Our faith is a matter of grace and free to all, but club colours are earned.

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