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"God's Squad has flown its colours in Melbourne for over 30 years - in Sydney a bit longer. Some faces have changed. Brisbane, Sydney and Western Australian Chapters have come and gone to be replaced by Tasmanian, (Launceston), New Zealand and a new Brisbane Chapter, as well as flying colours again in Sydney and in the United Kingdom.

But our faith and commitment remain stronger than ever. You need a faith to live by and a friend to stand by. Like Jesus, who we follow, we are committed friends of the outcasts of this world. We are friends, not to manipulate our mates to faith - but because we talk and live a faith that is free for all. True love is no weak sentiment - for Christ it led to crucifixion.

To all our mates on the bike scene, we want to say on our Anniversary, we are a club that exists not for ourselves, but for non-members. If you ever need an honest believing friend, we are here for you and so is Christ.

Cheers and God be with you"

John Smith, President, God's Squad CMC Melbourne

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