Barry ‘Baz’ Porter (1972-2022)

It is with a profound sense of sadness that we confirm the death of Barry ‘Baz’ Porter, our God’s Squad CMC Mid West Chapter President. Baz died on Friday 28 October, 2022 at the scene of a motorcycle accident on the Hume Highway north of Melbourne.

Only days before Baz had celebrated his 50th birthday and was enjoying hospitality of many overseas and interstate God’s Squad CMC members heading south for God’s Squad CMC Melbourne chapters 50th Anniversary and International Run.

It was whilst travelling to this event a group of God’s Squad CMC members and associated friends experienced what appears to have been a significant diesel spillage on the Hume Highway. Several bikes went down, one after the other, with Baz losing his life at the scene. Five other members have received treatment, one remains in hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. All were extremely experienced riders facing the reality that hitting a diesel spillage is like hitting black ice. We count it nothing short of a miracle that there have not been further casualties with many riders in the pack having to take evasive action.

Many of our members work as chaplains, pastors and first responders and are very familiar in supporting others through crisis. At a time when we wanted to be celebrating 50 years of ministry of our hugely significant Melbourne Chapter, we find ourselves ministering to one another navigating our shared grief and trauma.

We are incredibly grateful to those who provided support at the accident scene. We are also deeply grateful to our mates in the many other motorcycle clubs who have expressed their concern and stand with us in our grief in practical ways – this itself being a product of a shared fifty year relationship with many.

Our brother Baz will be deeply missed. He was a charismatic leader and hugely enthusiastic member with a capacity to encourage others getting alongside people in a very natural way. His faith in Christ sustained him and motivated him to be part of God’s Squad CMC, and love a life full of meaning of purpose.

Whilst we now weep as a club community we know it is our faith that will sustain us in our grief.

We would kindly ask that the privacy of Baz’s family be respected at this time. His wife and four adult children will continue to be the focus of our care, attention and prayers as they navigate their hugely significant loss in their lives.

God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club.

There will be no further statements.