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Follow me, John 21:19-25. May 6 2020 by Renea

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The bit of the story we look at today is in John 21, right at the end verses 19- 25. After his crucifixion, Jesus says to Peter (one of the disciples), “Follow me.”

Peter thinks to himself, Where has Jesus just been? What did he go through- having been humiliated, flogged and killed on the cross.

His reply, ‘Follow you! What about him? Jesus says, ‘What if I want him to live a long easy life? What is that to you?

Harsh words coming from the author of love and forgiveness. But nothing is done in isolation.

A few days earlier Peter has said he would follow Jesus anywhere-even to the death! Then, before the next day dawned, when Jesus was truly in need of a friend, he had disowned him 3 times. Some brother!

Then Jesus died. That was Friday

But Sunday, he rose from the grave

There are lots of amazing things about that story but I just want to talk about two.

The first is- Jesus seemed to know exactly what was happening before it happened. Jesus’ arrest and shonky trial. His horrible death, his friends deserting him in the middle of it and his resurrection on the third day.

The second is that through this whole story, Jesus’ mates seemed to have no idea about any of it. Three years on the road with Jesus, teaching them, giving them hints about what was coming and showing them that God’s kingdom was completely different to what we think. The disciples seem to have no idea!

Everything took them by surprise- Jesus’ way of life, the people he wanted to be near and the people he showed to be self-serving. The way he loved people who were dirty and how quickly he put self-appointed leaders in their place. Jesus’ arrest and death certainly took them by surprise, and just when they thought the whole thing had been a huge waste of time-he rose from the grave!

So when Jesus is face-to-face with Peter again, he gives him a second chance-with a challenge, saying to him, ” Do you really love me? Then look after my people-even when it gets tough. Then he hints at how Peter will die!

That’s where we come in, that’s where Jesus says, ‘Follow me!

And that’s why Peter said, “What about him? Maybe for the first time, Peter understood what Jesus was asking of him? But, still human, Peter is worried about his future. Will it be harder for him than the others? Has he really been accepted back?

Do you feel like life has dealt you a rough hand?

Do you look at other people that seem to have it easy and ask why?

Have you asked Jesus some tough questions and are not sure about his answer?

Truth is, John (the other disciple) had a tough life as well. But Jesus’ point is this. ‘Do you love me? Do you trust me? Then, never mind what I ask of anyone else-just focus on the job I have for you. Just trust me.’

That’s why they call it faith.

Renea – God’s Squad CMC Pacific president, Northern Victoria chapter, Australia

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