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Jesus and the bread of life, John 6:35-40. May 8, 2019

Hi Folks,

Greetings from the Island of Ireland. The photo attached to today’s offering from me, was taken about two weeks back. In the photo myself and my GSCMC Brother from Australia, Mike Cox, on a journey in Southern Ireland.

When riding on the Motorway, or Highway in my country the Law that governs our roads state that 120 Kilometres per hour , is the limit to how fast I can ride. I don’t agree with it at times. This law is for my safety and the safety of others.

Recently while travelling on the Motorway, I was doing the mandatory 120KPH, a cursory glance in my right Mirror alerted me to a car bearing down on my pretty fast, we were both in the overtaking lane. I glanced at my Spedo, yep! 120 on the button, this guy was obviously going faster, until temporarily halted by my bike. Another glance in my mirror told me this guys car was only inches from my rear fender. Then he flashed his car headlights to indicate to me to move over.

Was it the police? No! I got the look as he sped by, clearly not doing 120KPH. As I now took up position in the ‘ Slow’ lane, I was offended. Offended by his behaviour, offended by his presence. Has this ever happened to you?

In John’s Gospel account , in Chapter 6, located in verses 35 to 40, just as my day on the Motorway, we get a snapshot of Jesus, a typical day. He is addressing people. Jesus loved people. He tells them ” I am the living Bread”. Again He repeats “I am the Bread of Life”. I have come from Heaven to give you New Life! Guess what! Some of the people that heard Him, were offended. Offended by His words , offended by His presence. It is recorded further in John 6.66, That some rejected , turned away and walked with Him no more. I wonder is that where 666 came from. I’m just guessing now!

Jesus came into this world to look for and save the lost.

I remember another time that I was overtaken. I was travelling pretty fast in a certain direction. All roads lead somewhere, so I was going to get to where I was going. I remember that time well, I was hungry, I had an appetite, I had developed one over time. An appetite for truth, for help, for change. I was sick of lies, crippled with Hatred, in pain with failure. All of these were my constant companions on the road. Like a sleeping bag tied to my bike, they accompanied me everywhere.

The same Jesus that we get a glimpse of in today’s Gospel reading in John 6, is the same Jesus that overtook me, after a lengthy chase. He had more Power . He stopped me, He enabled me to do a You -Turn. Yes! A You-Turn. Where I was headed, the road I was on , was the cause , the origin of my constant travelling companions. I was supposing that I could sort my own stuff, I did not need God, I was my own god. Thank God , He enabled me to do a You-Turn.

So back to today’s photo. Me and my bro , Coxie, on the road, on a journey. Not quiet there yet, but like Pilgrims, were on route. That’s my position today in my life journey. I’m a Pilgrim, not there yet, but thanks to Jesus , I made a You-turn and I headed in the right direction. How do I know? Because the one who turned me , lives there❤️


Corky –  GSCMC Pilgrim chapter Ireland

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