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Love one another, John 13:21-34. April 8 by Corky

Dia Dhuit ( Hello, in Irish) fellow Pilgrims.

I am penning this Reflection today sat in my back garden. The sun is shining ( yes! Really) and there are clear signs that winter is losing its grip and giving way to Spring. One of those signs, is the main content in my hurriedly snatched photo displayed on this page.

I fear that , by now what ever country that you are reading this in today. We all know of Covid-19, or Corona Virus. Various restrictions have been put in place by Governments and Health organisations , to halt the spread of this virus and for our own good.

One of the restrictions in place here in Ireland is on domestic travel. We are encouraged not to travel more than a mile from our homes unless it’s totally necessary. So as I mentioned earlier, I’m sat in my back garden. The lack of road noise from vehicles lends itself to stillness. This stillness seems to somehow magnify other sounds, that would be otherwise, not heard, or only heard faintly.

Enter the subject of my poorly taken photo this morning. A Bumble Bee. A sign of Spring. I heard him before I have seen him, The sound of his wings, sounding something between a Hum and a loud drone, I swear it matched the sound of a Vance and Hines Exhaust system ( For my biking Brothers & Sisters). Are bumble bees usually that loud? No! The lack of road noise, the lack of distraction, allowed me to hear him somewhat clearer. He buzzed from flower to flower in my garden, doing what he was designed to do. I wonder how has Covid-19 effected him.!

Today’s passage from God’s Word is to be found in the Book of John. Chapter 13. Specifically, verses 21-34. If you even ever only Stopped and grazed over this portion, the immediate standout could be the betrayal of Jesus, by judas Iscariot. But if you allow me … Today I want to briefly concentrate on the words of Jesus, recorded in Chapter 13, But concentrating on verses 34 & 35.

” A new command I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.

These are the recorded words of Jesus Christ. Even in a time of betrayal, He choose to speak about Love! Jesus knew that He was facing death. He wanted to emphasise this command to His band of Brothers. In our changing world, dealing with this Pandemic . As I write this many are facing death. The realisation is that there is always a possibility that it could be anyone of us today or in the coming days.

I’m thinking , what would my emphasis be? Before the final curtain, what would the most important words of mine be my last words? When facing His own death, Jesus chose to tell his band of followers, to copy His love. He assured them that this kind of sacrificial love shining through them to each other would validate their Ministry and point others to Him!!

The words and actions of Jesus searches me this morning. Holding up a mirror to my Soul. Is his love showing in my life today??

As with the little visitor to my garden this morning. Whose presence was magnified to me as a result of ‘My Norm’ being altered. Things and people, other voices been taken away or restricted from my life today, is Jesus voice clearer? Louder! More defined? Wait now!, do I think that the change has occurred in Him? No! As a consequence of my circumstances changing , the change has occurred in me.

Thank you if you have made it this far, for I never know. This I do know, that the same God who fashioned that little visitor to my garden this morning, a humble, Bumble Bee and made him fit for purpose, and like the Sparrow ( Book of Matthew Chapter 10:31) is conscious of his wellbeing The same God through Christ Jesus has a plan and purpose for all of us, in such a time as this. Let us then find ourselves living out the words and copying the actions of Jesus.

I pray Gods blessing over you all. If you have lost dear ones or they are suffering you are in my heart today. I thank God today for His provision of ” Front Line” workers operating at risk to themselves in order that our loved ones are cared for and that the remainder of us continue to be safe and well, and lastly to those Brothers and Sisters who have shown me the Love of Christ Jesus on a daily basis. Thank you. Be safe, go well. ❤️


Corky – Pilgrim chapter, Ireland

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